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Flower Delivery Philippines

We value the importance of having an easy and more convenient way of sending gifts and flowers to someone important to you.

Here at FLORISTAONLINE.NET, we have designed our gift and flower delivery in the Philippines in a way that will not only meet the modernization, but will let our customer experience a reliable and efficient service.

Keeping in touch with your love ones is very important. Remembering special days such as birthday and anniversary or any other s occasions especially in the Philippines is one way of showing them that you care for them. There are some instances that you won’t be able to be physically available to attend such occasions, but no need for you to worry because FLORISTAONLINE.NET gift and flower delivery in the Philippines is here to help you. Not only that we have our user friendly website, we also have an app that you can just download on your mobile phone so you can easily place your order anytime and anywhere.

Ordering process is also very simple both on the website and in the app. Our process of placing the order is very easy!

Just as simple as five steps below:


You simply check the app or website and choose the flower or gift that you want to order. You can select the delivery date and method. You can also include your card message.


Once you have added all the items in your cart, you will just have to click Buy now and you will see the summary of your order.
You will also have to input the Billing/shipping information.


Next , just choose the payment method. You can choose from credit card /paypal which will direct you to paypal gateway or other methods like paymaya, bank transfer or even remittance wherein you will be getting email on how to complete the payment.


Once your order and payment is complete, you will automatically be getting an email confirmation.


After that, all you have to do is to sit back and relax. You just have to wait for the delivery and it will be delivered on the recipient’s address on the scheduled date. You will definitely receive a confirmation email once the delivery has been received. Sounds easy right?

We are the first to offer Gift Delivery Service using Mobile Application in the Philippines.

Order gifts, send flowers on any of your special celebrations by just using a single app, our service is just one click away. Our goal is to make sending flower and gifts faster, convenient and easier at a very affordable and reasonable price.

Have you ever wondered why people love flowers? Aside from it being use in social events or as a simple decor? Flowers can make anyone happy. It helps you create relationship by bringing you closer to your loved ones , family and friends.

There is more to flower decor than acting as food for the eye. Flowers can bring a positive and welcoming ambience on any event. Flowers help us express our emotion and feelings. It helps us maintain a good relationship by helping us express our love. Flowers can speak for us.

Celebration is always important but it can be more special if you receive flowers and gift from your special someone. Imagine waking up on your special day with flowers and gifts.

Time is precious and we would like to save as much as we can. Arranging suprises and buying gifts can sometimes look hard especially to someone who has limited time right? Why would you hassle on going physically to a flowershop to buy flower and gifts if we can have the job done for you? Let us be part of your special celebrations . Send flowers to your love ones today! We deliver anywhere in the Philippines.