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2 Dozen Red Vase - PHP 2,600
2 Dozen White Roses - PHP 2,400
2 Dozen Red Roses - PHP 2,400
24 Stems White Basket - PHP 2,900
2 Dozen Pink Ecuadorian Rose - PHP 9,700
Red Blooms - PHP 2,700
Touched - PHP 2,700
Divine Sunshine - PHP 2,600
2 Dozen Purple Vase - PHP 3,700
2 Dozen Red and White Vase - PHP 2,700
Lovely Wishes - PHP 2,900
Happy 24 Red Petals - PHP 3,600
Royal Flowers - PHP 2,400
2 Dozen Lavender Roses - PHP 2,700
24 Stems Red Basket - PHP 2,900
2 Dozen Pink Roses - PHP 2,400
Happy Love - PHP 2,600
2 Dozen White Vase - PHP 2,600
Tilted Fragrance 2 Dozen - PHP 2,900
2 Dozen Green Rose in Vase Sprayed - PHP 2,900
24 Stems Pink Basket - PHP 2,900
Pure Love - PHP 2,400
Sweet Stems Red - PHP 2,400
Yellow Crown - PHP 2,600
2 Dozen Pink Vase - PHP 2,600

We are the first to offer Gift Delivery Service using Mobile Application in the Philippines.

Order gifts, send flowers on any of your special celebrations by just using a single app, our service is just one click away. Our goal is to make sending flower and gifts faster, convenient and easier at a very affordable and reasonable price.

Have you ever wondered why people love flowers? Aside from it being use in social events or as a simple decor? Flowers can make anyone happy. It helps you create relationship by bringing you closer to your loved ones , family and friends.

There is more to flower decor than acting as food for the eye. Flowers can bring a positive and welcoming ambience on any event. Flowers help us express our emotion and feelings. It helps us maintain a good relationship by helping us express our love. Flowers can speak for us.

Celebration is always important but it can be more special if you receive flowers and gift from your special someone. Imagine waking up on your special day with flowers and gifts.

Time is precious and we would like to save as much as we can. Arranging suprises and buying gifts can sometimes look hard especially to someone who has limited time right? Why would you hassle on going physically to a flowershop to buy flower and gifts if we can have the job done for you? Let us be part of your special celebrations . Send flowers to your love ones today! We deliver anywhere in the Philippines.